Janaagraha - Finalist in the Google Impact Challenge


I Change My City is a platform to enable you to get know to your city better, give you more and more reasons to love your city and when you find pockmarks on your beautiful city, enable and empower you to fix it. Your one vote has the power to change cities, transform and improve the quality of life of millions of Indians. Currently available only in Bangalore, I Change My City is itching to spread its wings and touch more cities across India. 

Janaagraha is a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge for India for nonprofits that use technology to tackle the world’s toughest problems. If we win this, it will help us improve and impact Urban India in a way we’ve never done before.

There is a fundamental disconnect between the elected representatives in cities and the constituencies they are supposed to represent. There is a lack of accountability of the government to the citizens and an alienation of citizens from the political process. This is a problem which has been deeply rooted in the India psyche and therefore cannot be rectified by traditional mediums. The Global Impact Award will help us reach out to millions of Indians via our revolutionary digital tools, allowing citizens and governments to realise their democratic potential through technology.

We aim to bridge the gap between citizens and the government through our initiative, I Change My City – a hyper local social networking platform for civic change – and spur cooperative and collaborative change in urban India.

In the last year, in the City of Bangalore alone, citizens have posted 5600 complaints, 4 different civic agencies have resolved over 50% of the complaints. With the Global Impact Award, in 3 years, we will be able to scale up to connect 15,00,000 citizens to governments across three metropolitan cities in India.

Please click here to vote for us. Together we can change our cities for the better. Do share our story with friends, family and anyone who believes that it’s time to change our cities and improve our quality of life.