Introducing I Change My City for Android 4.0 and above


For those of you in Bangalore who have been noticing the gaping potholes, vanishing footpaths, mounds of garbage we have some great news. We’ve been hard at work building our I Change My City apps for mobile. 

We’re constantly thinking about new ways to help you fix your neighbourhood by making it a collaborative process between you and the government agencies responsible for various services.

Our focus at I Change My City (ICMyC) is to make it easy for you to report an issue in your neighbourhood. We at ICMyC then take this complaint, forward it to civic agencies that are responsible (BBMP for potholes, BWSSB for water and sewage, etc) and then work with you and the civic agency to get it resolved.

  • Post a Complaint on the go: You can post a complaint about that pothole just outside your house. All you have to do is snap a picture, describe the problem- tell us if it’s a pothole or a broken footpath and ta-da! you’re done!
  • Add your Voice to get a issue that affects you: There are other issues in your neighbourhood that could do with fixing and a neighbour has gotten to it before you.

    Check out the complaints near you and show your solidarity with the neighbour, vote up the complaint. Click on the button that says “I’m affected” and vote it up. This helps the civic agency prioritise the problems in your neighbourhood. More active neighbours, more issues being posted, the sooner your neighbourhood will be a better place to live in.


How it Works

1. Take a picture of the garbage dump in front of your house, the broken streetlight that is making a street unsafe, the gaping pothole that is causing the traffic jam on your way to work.

2. Post a Complaint using the app and get it sent to the correct Civic Agency (BBMP, BWSSB, BESCOM, etc) within minutes.

3. Easily set the location of the problem on the map, even if you don’t know the exact address. To make it easier, the app picks up your current location.

4. We’ll email you an update when we receive a response from the civic agency, follow up with the Engineer assigned to your complaint and be a Superheroine or Superhero in your neighbourhood!


You can download the Android App here