Travel Bucket List | Architectural works of Friedensreich Hundertwasser

I have been planning a bunch of trips to different places and as I draw up lists and more lists of why I want to visit a certain place, I gravitate towards Austria and some parts of Germany. The architectural works of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, to be more precise.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser was an Austrian painter and architect who had insights like this:

A person should be buried only half a meter, or two feet, below the surface. Then a tree should be planted there. He should be buried in a coffin that decays so that when you plant a tree on top the tree will take something out of his substance and change it into tree-substance. When you visit the grave you don’t visit a dead man, you visit a living being who was just transformed into a tree. You say, “This is my grandfather, the tree is growing well, fantastic.” You can develop a beautiful forest that will be more beautiful than a normal forest because the trees will have their roots in graves. It will be a park, a place for pleasure, a place to live, even a place to hunt.

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Waldspirale in Darmstadt, Germany

Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna, Austria

KunstHausWein in Vienna, Austria

The Green Citadel of Magdeburg
A hotel in Magdeburg

Hot Springs Village in Bad Blumau, Austria

Kuchlbauer Tower in Abensberg, Germany

District Heating Plant - Spittelau in Vienna, Austria

Public toilet for the town Kawakawa, New Zealand