Kittens for Adoption in Bangalore


We have four kittens Chorizo, Yoga, Lily and Sherpa who are looking for loving homes here in Bangalore. Born on July 31st, the kittens are now 3 months old, potty-trained and completely weaned off their mommy, KitKat.


Chorizo also known as Zooey. Chorizo loves eating, sleeping and being carried and cuddled. He spends all his waking time grooming his BFF, Yoga.

Yoga Bear or Yoga is a sweet calm babygirl who loves stretching, meditating and striking poses on the treadmill. If you’re a lady who wears red nail paint, Yoga will love you instantly. 

Sherpa - this feisty li'l boy is a ball of energy. He loves belly rubs, a good meal and chasing Lily’s tail.

Lily is so named because she was the runt of the litter. She was the underdog, this spirited little bow-wow. But she’s a cat and she’s tiny so she’s Lilliput. Lily, for short. Lily and her forever companion Sherpa love the outdoors, chasing flies and tugging tails.


You can’t buy happiness but you can adopt it.