Of Cats & Kittens

It's 2018 I've learnt a fair bit about raising kittens, KitKat has been renamed to Kiki; Kiki's baby Sherpa lives with us and there's a menagerie of kittens who rotate through our life: Polka, Poppins Blueberry, KishMish, and most recently Pluto.

Here's what I had to say when KiKi walked into my life. So much has changed since then. For everyone who says they're not a cat person, you've just not met your cat.

Back in 2014: Kitkat’s a tiny child-of-the-wild kitten who’s adopted me a little over a month ago. This evening she’s running from the living room to the kitchen and back, she can smell the chicken boiling but it’s not in her yellow bowl. When the chicken and some warm water (or what we call ‘soup’) makes it to her bowl, she will only eat if the bowl is placed close enough to the sliding door that faces the garden.