I currently spend my thinking about the intersection of Product, Technology and Data at  Sequoia Capital India

Till a year ago, I crafted Chat products for Contact Centres of Fortune 500 companies at Innovation Labs @ [24]7 Customer, a Sequoia Capital backed company.  I also helped setup and grow Online Initiatives for Urban Citizens at Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy - a non-profit working on India’s City Systems backed by Omidyar Network,, etc. The most exciting time in my career was when I worked with various startups in Bangalore to help them with everything from UX to setting up coffee machines at 4 AM, created top grossing iOS/Android Casino Games, and also managed a gig with top entertainment studios in Los Angeles to create digital products.

I am passionate about using data, design and technology to solve complex problems. When I’m not at the whiteboard drawing mind maps, I keep myself occupied by exploring the idea of urbanism and how technology can improve the quality of life in cities. I was also the only Indian woman among 15 selected from around the world for the 2014 Google Personal Democracy Fellowship for working to keep the Internet open and working on ways the Internet makes democracy stronger.

In my free time, I am a voracious reader, an inquisitive traveler, an edgy foodie, an unrelenting baker, an amateur photographer, and an unpublished writer, out of practice pianist, lover of languages. Some say distracted, I say dilettante.


Here’s how I described myself right up till November 2014 from the time I had a blog on Livejournal way back in 2002:

Compulsive. Obsessive. Disordered. The words are mine, the connections yours. Twenty-something, Libran, child-woman, always wears black. Mostly sarcastic, tries to be funny. Talks a lot, Laughs even more.

I love cooking and baking, can dance until 4 AM, laugh at inappropriate times, dream of spending my life traveling, and don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.